La Laine Des Moutons

Animatic / 2012 / 5min 53sec / Colored / Digital 2D Drawing / 16:9 / French with English Subtitle 


The process of making a pair of lambswool socks can be just whimsical. Time flies and as Kentin grows up, he  realizes that colorful socks, after all, are made of love and that's how they keep him warm. 

The animated short film narrates a story based on its tittle song "La Laine Des Moutons"

Artist's notes

The song brings me back to my childhood whenever it's played. Memories like to come by out of a sudden and question things that I used to believe in the past. I can't seem to figure out why but I've been always having this very strong connection between socks, lambswool, school, grandma and childhood. So i thought of bringing them all together, in just one very own story, which can be told to people. 

My favorite drawer of socks which is growing bigger and bigger...!

Visual Development


Color Script


La laine des moutons, c’est nous qui la tondaine
La laine des moutons, c’est nous qui la tondons
Tondons, tondons, la laine des moutaines
Tondons, tondons, la laine des moutons

(continue as)



☛ Written and directed: Kapie Eipak
☛ Title Song: "La Laine Des Moutons" * 
☛ Sound effects: Free sound effect (
☛ Background Music: Kevin MacLeod (

*I do NOT own the copyright of this record. Year and Author of this record still remain unknown. Please contact me if you have any of the information above. 

* Work produced as an academic assignment during the course of Storyboarding DT2009, School of Art, Design and Media. Nayang Technological University, Singapore.