My heart breaks a little watching round the circle. For a thousand times I wish you were left unseen... But soon my feelings will be gone by summer. And I will be there again in the middle of my own reality, counting flaws, just to crave you even more...


i paint you in my mind
on restless nights
i count your breathes
knowing that you’ll never take me along.
and one more night with you by my side, for awhile, dying to make it feel like forever... but you won’t understand.
from a million oceans again i know i was born mad... and never did i wish to escape from myself. when we faced the night you tied me up with my sadness and I chained you with yours... for a million times more... when i m gone we hold nothing back from each other. but i will feel forever bounded on my own...
a lonesome soul makes its way again to the ocean. midnight waves pamper the tender flesh. longing for more...


the downtown streets keep a thousand secrets. the day gets my fingers restless... but I paint myself in the earthly tone. the city crowd cuts open my sadness. and I lace my fingers together again, to feel the night tighter. we breathe the same speed, bleed the same time, all mine, forever, mid July.


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