Animated short film / 2013 / 1min 32sec / Black and White / Digital 2D Drawing / 16:9 / English 


Man talking to man

artist's notes:

Downtown is about more than just one conversation. Meaning can be either an intention, a coincidence, or both. People may take it as a monologue in the form of a dialogue, arguably, I seem to be fine with most of the interpretations. They see me talking to myself quite clearly in Downtown, but what I was talking about still remains concealed. The statement at the beginning of the animation, I know, is rather generic and I reckon that it gives us all the urge to find out, by observing, asking, and relating? 

I made Downtown within a week, with so much pressure and distraction. I thought of something intensive, with available and ready substances, and I realized that I've got too much to deliver. I have the habit of posting random statuses on my facebook, each of them carries a certain thought or just a pure observation. I drew Downtown out from there. There were two key status updates at the time of making Downtown:

(1) Those who make fun of themselves deserve a bitch slap at the end of the day
(2) When the world turned upside down, those supposedly safest people might just have the most painful death.  

The choice of Title Song "Downtown" connects my complex inner thoughts with an easy way out. I play guitar and sing along my list of favorite songs whenever I'm free. And I keep some of the records. The soundtrack used in Downtown is one of them.  


Official Poster


☛ Written and directed: Kapie Eipak
☛ Class mentor: Hannes Rall 
☛ Title Song: "Downtown" by Petula Clark, performed and recorded by Kapie Eipak
☛ Sound effect: Free Sound Effect by 

* Work produced as an academic assignment during the course of Animation Seminar DT3006, School of Art, Design and Media. Nayang Technological University, Singapore.

screenings / features:

 ADM End of Semester Show (2013), NTU Singapore
Internationales Trickfilm-Festival in Stuttgart (2014) 
Puchon International Student Animation Festival (PISAF)
Cartoons Underground
Singapour en France – le festival (Singapore Festival in France)
ANIFILM, International Festival of Animated Films, Trebon 2015
Melbourne International Animation Festival 2015
8ᵗʰ Fest Anča 2015
International TV Festival
The International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision"
Muestra Audiovisual Cine Sinú
Short Piece TV Festival Press vitez/Press Knight in Serbia
Anim!Arte - International Student Animation Festival of Brazil
BFI Future Film Festival
Mostra Latino Americana de Animação A Caverna
International Audiovisual Festival (FIAFest Colombia)
NonStop Barcelona Animació
Festival Parachute Light Zero Act II
ANIMAZE - Montreal International Animation Film Festival leMIAFF!
Wallabout Film Festival 2015
International Hall of the Light (Salón Internacional de la Luz)
Cryptshow Film Festival
Athens Digital Arts Festival
Proceso de Error, Experimental International Video Festival (2° PROCESO DE ERROR, 2nd International Festival of Experimental Video in Chile)
A Long Week of Short Films (LWSF)