works @bda

A compilation of works done during my internship at BDA Creative Singapore including illustration, graphic design and storyboard. BDA Creative is an award-winning advertising agency with its offices in Singapore, Manila and Jakarta. They produce great stuff so check them out:


Fields: Illustration, Storyboarding

DISNEY Casting Call Posters

Fields: Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography


A poster made for VERNFEST - an event hosted by Matthew Giffen to celebrate the life of Vernon Lewis. Text written by Matthew Giffen.  Unfortunately I didn't get to meet Vernon Lewis in person before he passed away. So it was my attempt to draw a portrait of him based on photo references and Matthew's description.  I straight away thought of flying things and that yellow-blueish palette. 

Fields: Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction 

BDA Self-Promo Poster

Fields: Graphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Typography

Each  BDA's creative  is featured by his/her side-view silhouette and a set of unique keywords arranged  in the shape of a brain. 

My first draft of the poster's composition, intending to apply the visual hierarchy to represent different positions of the team. Repetitious pattern as unity which creates the sense of oneness both visually and conceptually. 

A compilation of all the "brains"


Fields: Storyboarding, Illustration


Logo/branding exploration for a TV show on food adventures.