personal branding

So I thought of making myself a logo 
Like something that can stick with me through thick and thin

And if you ever wonder how I could even come up with such a weird shape, 
here you go:

I get really awkward whenever I try to be serious. 
And Illustrator actually made my eyes hurt 

I realized that things tend to get much harder when it comes to personal branding as you know yourself best. I could see many problems and for some of which I've been thinking for years to look for a solution. It really took me awhile to develop the visual even though it still doesn't seem to represent myself or what I believe in well enough. I could probrably think of these few reasons (1) I don't know what I need (2) I need so many things (3) And I'm gonna try a lot more...
On top of that, I keep having the fear of being pretentious and dishonest to myself eventually as I may end up having any random fancy design just for the sake of presenting it to the others.

Since it's my personal namecard after all, I decided to completely dedicate the back design of the card to talk about love of my life, which can be quite embarrasing...

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